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I was a lot like you.

I started my journey as an entrepreneur in 2009. In 2019 I made it official by applying for my own LLC and began working as a virtual assistant. I had a deep desire to earn a full time income so that I could keep my husband home with mu son. Since then, I've learned the tasks I did (and didn't) want to perform for clients. 

What set me on fire was building sale funnels, integrations and systems for my clients. I knew that my efficiency and innate ability to turn chaos into order would be an asset to the visionary clients I worked with. I was able to grow my income to six figures and maintain long term clients who appreciated my hard work and attention to detail.

I want to make your experience just as exceptional. I want you to know first-hand what creating the systems, processes and automations can do to recover your precious time. 

You have the power to change your world and my services can provide you with the tools and strategies to make time freedom a reality. I embrace the chance to help you make time to travel and make more family events.

If you a virtual assistant, I also help you to build your skillset so that you can land your dream clients too!  

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clickfunnels certification badge for Val Kuikman of Scale and Flow
Certified Marketing Specialist (2).png
clickfunnels certification badge for Val Kuikman of Scale and Flow


Design & Marketing

  • ​Clickfunnels Classic & Clickfunnels 2.0
  • ​Kartra
  • ​Wordpress
  • Kajabi
  • ​Teach​able
  • ​Facebook Ads
  • ​YouTube Ads

Calendars & Booking Set Up

  • ​Calendly
  • ​ Acuity
  • Google Calendar


  • ​Zapier
  • Pipedream
  • ​Basic Webhooks
  • ​Google App Scripts
  • ​Payment Integrations (Stripe & Paypal)
  • ​Onboarding process & systems set up
  • Course & Product Launch Management

Project Management Set Up

  • ​ClickUp
  • ​Asana
  • AirTable
  • ​Trello
  • Dubsado
  • 17 Hats

Email Marketing Set Up

  • ​Active Campaign
  • ​Clickfunnels
  • ConvertKit
  • Google Mail


  • ​Slack Set Up & Automation
  • Google Suite Automation

Data Analysis & Spreadsheets

  • ​Google Sheets
  • ​Excel
  • Google App Scripts
  • ​Macros & Formulas


ICON (1).png

When I started working online over a decade ago, I was a new mom working a full-time job in the government sector. My husband was working at AT&T as a technician. We were running into problems finding a sitter to watch our young son during the weekdays. We didn't want a stranger watching our son and both our parents and siblings were also working full time. I had to find a way to supplement my husband's income so he could retire and be home with my son full-time.

That is when I started selling products for an MLM. Yes, you read that right... I was a Network Marketer.  😳

I wanted to avoid the stereotype of Network Marketers being spammers. But I also wanted to rank advance as quickly as possible. So I started to learn about sales and marketing strategies. Most people would have given up on the business because they didn’t have enough time to make it successful. I did the exact opposite. I enrolled myself in several courses to improve my sales and marketing skills.

ICON (1).png

I created my own blog, coded my own website and started creating content on my blog and on Facebook which is was #1 social media platform during this time. 

I was still struggling though. Creating daily content is time consuming and the time I could work on my Network Marketing business was limited. After all, I had a full time job, and a family to spend time with.

So I started developing systems for content creation and automations to post my content and send people to my funnel. I also was very strict with my time. I blocked out time frames each day so that I could write blogs, design images, and still prospect and sell my products in less time than I had been using. The systems saved me over an hour of work a day and I was building momentum with a consistent posting schedule!

Copy of ICON4.png

I  earned a certification as a life coach and started developing a business mindset. I developed a solid content creation strategy and started doing weekly Facebook Lives on health and mindset. 

I started to create Lead Magnets, deliverables and free challenges to grow my following. I started designing these deliverables and funnels for other people on my team. 

Copy of ICON4.png
ICON5 (1).png
ICON5 (1).png

In the middle of winter we had an electrical fire in house. We lost everything. We moved into a rental unit and we had to start rebuilding our house, and our lives. 

dotted line with year 2019 timeline

I started to work customer support at Clickfunnels© and became really serious about helping others with this digital marketing needs. I officially launched my own LLC and started designing deliverables for several health coaches. 

I also started designing funnels for others as well as integrating their domains and third party integrations. I was building my business as we rebuilt our lives. What an amazing opportunity I had in front of me! 

While reading posts from a Facebook group one day, I saw a post asking how to integrate a domain into a funnel. I knew exactly what to do since I had been helping my clients to do it, so I posted a step by step process to get their domain added to their software and attach it to their funnel. 

This small act changed my career path forever. I was messaged by that person I helped in the Facebook group. He wanted to hire me to build funnels for his growing affiliate marketing business. This included setting up 3rd party integrations and email marketing campaigns for each funnel.

New business Val Kuikman
New business Val Kuikman
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dotted line with year 2019 timeline
dotted line with year 2020 timeline
dotted line with year 2020 timeline

I started working closely with the owner of the affiliate marketing business. He was a true visionary who had great ideas but lacked systems and process to scale his ideas. I jumped in to write SOPs, build systems, automations and processes while building a team of gifted people to make sure the entire business worked like a machine. 

As a result of our hard work we were able to scale his business to six figures in just one month!

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  • ​I believe that you have to have a solid foundation to scale any business. That means building a repeatable process and document each step as you move forward.
  • ​ A beautiful website won't sell your course or product. You need to have a strong marketing strategy that speaks to your perfect client.
  • ​Doing all "the things" yourself does not make you a hero. It makes you stressed out.  Have the courage to ask for help.
  • ​​In order to save time and keep your sanity you have to set up systems that automate repetitive processes in your business. You would be surprised at what you can automate!

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